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Live Phone Answering melbourne

Published May 05, 23
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Phone Answering melbourne

With our Answering Service you are able to login to your account at any time and view your Usage Report which details by month EVERY phone call that we have ever answered - virtual receptionist free trial. This allows you to see exactly how many calls you are receiving, who called, what we did with the call, messages sent etc.

We do have account customers if you don't have a credit card but because this process is not automated we require at least 3 months of subscriptions in advance EFT'd to our bank account for account customers. Yes. Our clients range from those with 2, 3 and 5 staff to those with 40, 50 and more staff.

Whether staff are at their desk in the office, at home, overseas or on the mobile, our receptionists can transfer calls to them. If staff are unavailable or do not wish to take the call, our receptionists will take a message which can be emailed and / or sent instantly by SMS to the relevant staff member/s.

Yes. This is referred to as "call overflow". A lot of companies require their phone calls to be answered only when they are unable to take the call themselves. This could be if you step out of the office for an hour, you are busy on another call, go to lunch or simply because you have multiple calls coming in at the one time.

g. after say 5 rings) or permanently. That way you are always in control and can relax knowing you will never miss another call. Yes. A lot of our 3,500+ clients use the service as an overflow for when they are unable to take calls or when their own in-house receptionist is at lunch, sick or on annual leave.

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Our receptionists can answer calls and explain that you are in a meeting or with a client. She will take a message and forward this message to you or the relevant staff member/s by email and / or SMS instantly. Yes, our receptionists are able to answer basic questions that callers would expect your receptionist to know (e.

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directions to your premises, your street address, your postal address, fax number, web site, what your business does, the title of a particular staff member and such general questions). Even if you are overseas or on leave, as long as you let the receptionists know by updating your Operator Notes within your account, they will be able to tell the caller the answer i.

when you will be back etc. Remember, callers will think your Virtual Receptionist is actually sitting in your office. So it is critical our receptionists know these basic answers. You are able to update information on your company or your personal status instantly at any time via the web which ensures the receptionists always have the information necessary to answer basic questions.

Whether you have 1, 2 or 102 staff, each staff member has their own settings in the Virtual Receptionist system. Staff can be "Available for Call Transfer" or "Do Not Disturb". This status can be changed by staff members at any time via the web. If a staff member is "Available for Call Transfer" the receptionist will attempt to call them on one of 3 "Find Me Numbers" (i.

their mobile, desk extension, home office etc) and introduce the call. If you wish, the call can be transferred to you. If you do not want to take the call, are unavailable (i. e. say your mobile is turned off) the receptionist will take a message which will be sent instantly to the staff member as per their settings (i (virtual receptionist services).

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by email and / or SMS). If your status is set to "Do Not Disturb" the receptionist will not even attempt to call you to introduce the call, they will simply take a message and forward it to you as per your settings (i. e. by SMS and / or Email).

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You are able to amend the email address/s and mobile number/s receiving messages instantly at any time via the web. Yes. Each of our Virtual Office services are independent of each other in the sense you can have just the Virtual Receptionist service and nothing else or you can add say a Prestigious Mail Address for a total Virtual Office solution.

Whether callers ring the unique phone number we allocate your business (e. g. if you are a start up business and don't have an existing phone number you may advertise that number as your number), or you divert any other number to it (e. g. your existing business number 02, 03, 1300, 1800, your mobile etc.), we will be answering your calls.

We are able to add additional staff instantly so new staff can be receiving calls and messages. Whether you have 1, 2 or 202 staff our Live Answering Service is able to cater for your Live Answering needs. If you require the 24x7 service it is FREE to have the service activated.

A virtual office address can provide you with a variety of benefits. Firstly, you get that first class address that you can include on your business cards, website, letterhead and Google + account. Any mail that is sent to this virtual address can be forwarded on to an address of your choice.

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Thirdly, our prestige addresses have shared work areas that you are able to make use of when you are at a loose end in the city. Virtual addresses make good sense. You really do get many of the tangible benefits that you would get from a physical office space however you are only paying a small fraction of the rental cost.

A survey that was carried out by a large telecoms company in the UK found that more than 70% of people will refuse to leave a message when presented with an automated telephone answering service. The disturbing part of all this is that rather than leave that message the callers are more likely to simply call the next person on the list. virtual assistant receptionist.

We will answer your calls with a greeting that you have agreed to and we will either email you or SMS with a message regarding the call, or we can transfer the call to a telephone number that you have nominated. It is all pretty amazing and it works like clockwork.

Imagine having a personal assistant that you can rely on to deal with your customers in the same professional manner that you would for a fraction of the cost. Our Virtual Assistant Service in Melbourne is based on a ‘pay as you go’ approach. This gives you ultimate flexibility in choosing when to use our reliable service as you are only being charged for the time you are using your valued Virtual Assistant.

Starting a small business is a stressful time and sometimes you just can't get to those incoming calls. The problem is that if you don't have a telephone answering service then it is likely that your call will either be cut off or it will go to an automated system.